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Keeping in contact is important to us. We proudly display holiday cards, letters and pictures from families and puppies that we brought together.
Our number one priority goes into bringing every family the happiness of a healthy, happy, playful puppy!


Just wanted to let you know that TJ is doing great! He is bringing so much love and laughter into our home. So glad we have him!


Charlie, just want to say THANKS for all the extra effort you put in to get our three precious peekapoo puppies delivered last week. This is a pic of me(on the right in pink), my brother and his wife and their dog Cabo. My 11 yr old peekapoo is in the pic and are three new peekapoo pups we got from C Angels Kennels. You guys are the BEST and we LOVE our puppies so much! Thanks a bunch~


I found C angles kennel on a website after searching for a Brussels Griffon in Florida and at the time nothing was available. When I came across your site something to made sense, I believe in angles and I love that name for your business.

I contacted DJ, and Charlie and told him I know I live far but I just have to need to have him (maxwell) Charlie was great, sounded like a nice guy over the phone, cool relaxed and reassuring.Everything he promised me was fulfilled. The puppy arrived healthy and clean. No scars scabs no fleas no infections or worms. Healthy and so lovely.

We had to go back and forth a bit over email and phone calls to set everything up. DJ responded to all my emails with detail and even sent me a home video to make my choosing easier :-)

Charlie, sent me all the papers and shipped it to me to florida. It was an exciting day. Thank u a million times, we could not be more happier and so lucky that we got him and found him. ~Lukas V

I bought a Cavalier puppy from C Angels Kennel a couple of months ago. I took him to a vet with knowledge of the breed. He has no birth defects and is doing great. We have to stop at least a couple of times on every walk so the neighborhood kids can love on him. He's a terrific (and spoiled) pup that loves everyone he meets, especially children. We couldn't be happier with him. ~Chris

Charlie, Our new puppy Captain is enjoying his new home, and charming our whole family more every day! He goes the vet next week for his check-up and shots(which I'm sure he isn't thrilled about). Our older dog Jaws has finally started to warm up to captain as well! Thank you so much! ~The Johnson family


We bought our Morkie, Petey, from you back in January and we love him to pieces! Thank you! Merry Christmas! ~Dustin & Ali


Just wanted to say we have had bailey for almost 2 years now and she is the joy of our life…we do get compliments everywhere we go and she does go everywhere we go. She was very easy to train, no issues and such a well mannered fun loving doggie. Contemplating #2…….:)

Thank you so much for bringing so much joy to our life and being so easy to work with on getting her shipped to us in NH….would recommend you to anyone. ~Stephanie


Hello Charlie, just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful new addition to our family. We have named her Lily and she is such a joy to have in our home. She is beautiful and healthy, and we couldn’t be happier. Deb B.


Charlie, Just giving a little update on Camo since he is nearing his 1st Birthday! We are overjoyed with the love and compassion this dog has for everyone is our family including my 1 year old nephew, they have become best buds. He is healthy, happy, and spoiled rotten! Thank you so much for the best pup we could have ever imagined. Thanks a bunch, Kathy, Matt & Camo J

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My husband & I got Ardilla (Ardi) ((which means squirrel in Spanish:)) in May 2014. He is such a joy and people everywhere we go, love him! He came to us socialized and friendly! he's not afraid of people or other dogs. He is a quiet pup, rarely barks... Which everyone is always surprised to hear! We cannot wait to watch him grow into his full coat.. He is going to be a good lookin guy... So regal & proud ;) Thanks Charlie, our friends can't wait to hear about the next Pom litters!