Before Bringing Home


"Do Not Buy or Adopt a pet on impulse.

  A pet is a Lifetime Commitment "'                   

  •  REVIEW YOUR LIFESTYLE before choosing a pet. 
  •  Does everyone in the household wants and will care for the new puppy?  
  • Are the children old enough to handle the puppy with care?
  •  Will you have time for a puppy? 
  • Is the family prepared to take care of and TRAIN a dog every day for his entire life(12-20 years)? 
  • Have you consider the additional expense?  Food, vetcare, insurance, training, grooming, doggie daycare etc...                                                   
  •  Consider the space, activity level, and lifestyle for this puppy when it becomes an adult 
  •  How active is  your family lifestyle?
  • Are you a couch potato and want a dog that likes to cuddle?
  • Are you active and want a dog has a running hiking partner on  the go.
  • Cost of feed small vs large
  • Shedding or non-shedding  
  • Consider fur or hair. 
  • Are there allergies? 
  • Low or high maintenance.  
  • What type of coat  long or short? 
  • Do you have the time for grooming and the expense of sending the puppy to the groomer?

  • Be Honest with the Breeder.                            
  • Let them know if you are a first time puppy ownner.         
  •  How long has it been since you have had a puppy. 
  • If there is another dog at home?                                                  

 Routine and  PFC is the Key to Successful, Training.

There are many great educational tools. Weather it’s the internet, books, videos, or a trainer it will always come down to you and your family   routine for the new puppy and a lot of PFC (patience, firm and consistency).  A puppy just like a young child needs a routine. Start a routine from day one. Have every one in the family on the same page. If everyone follows the same routine, training will be faster and easier, especially in potty training. Just cause it’s a week-end doesn’t mean we get to sleep in.  It is harder to re-train a puppy/dog once it’s older.   I like to explain to new puppy owners it’s like children a 8 week old puppy is equal to a 2 year old. They can only stay focus for a few seconds, a 3 month old= 3 years, a 4 month old =4, and a 5 month old=5 years. When the puppy reaches 6 months they are entering their teen years.  It’s important to start your puppy training from the minute you get them home. If you start right away in developing a good routine, being patience, firm, and consistence the puppy will have a good foundation, making the teen years easier and more manageable because your dog will be focus on you and want to become a better canine citizen.!!   Please, if you enroll in a puppy training class, be consistent in going each week. During these important training weeks it more for the puppy benefits.  It will help your new puppy become socialized with different puppies, breeds, size and age, along with other people.  You will have the opportunity to see the development of other puppies and ask lots of questions.  Having worked in the pet industry for over 20 years, Grandma Puppy and her team have found some good training videos on you tube. These are recommendations from employee’s at her doggie daycare: 

Dog Training Video on You Tube

• Ruff Beginnings Rehab Intro for YouTube (Training Series Part 1 of 4: Best Crate Training Video on first day with Puppy)

• Quansa Kennel Dog training with Pat Muller - YouTube 

• Train Your Dog Like A Pro DVD: Perfect Paws - YouTube 

• Solid K9 training with Jeff – YouTube

• Cesar Millan dog Training- YouTube

• Zak George's Dog Training – YouTube 

 Clicker Training Your New Puppy - Part 1 - Upland Bird Dog Training- YouTube

 • Leerberg - YouTube  

If you don't want your new puppy pup to turn out like these dogs.

 “It’s Me or the Dog”   also on  YouTube

Then start educating both you and your family before you get a new puppy.